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Встреча Йошики и Киджака со зрителями в Nuart Theater на премьере We are X в Лос Анжелесе...

WE SAW YOSHIKI! WE ARE X Movie Screening LA | X JAPAN Adventure Vlog +BONUS! October 21, 2016
X Japan - WE ARE X Film Screening @ Nuart Theater in Santa Monica October 21, 2016. We Saw Yoshiki!!! Headed up to LA from San Diego. It was hella traffic on the highway so it almost took me 4 hours during Rush-Hour on a Friday Afternoon to get to Santa Monica for the movie screening. Thankfully the guy who I hitched a ride with was cool enough to drop me off at the venue :D Met up with my home gurl Jen and her friend Hiram.

Interview with Yoshiki & Stephen Kijak - @00:54
Jen's Jrock Room Tour! :D - @13:50

AMAZING MOVIE! I learned so much more about X JAPAN. Stephen Kijak is freaking crazy talented director! RESPECT & KUDOS to both men. I cried sooo much watching this movie; so intriguing, but still an incredibly positive movie. SO INSPIRED TO BECOME GREAT!❤️✨
So Glad I got to watch it. I'm thinking of watching it again once it will be showing in San Diego next month :D

P.S. Yoshiki, mannn he's hilarious. I hope to see him again... and hopefully be close enough to take a picture with the great man hehe. Someday :3


We Are X Q&A with Yoshiki and Stephen Kijak Nuart Theater

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